[Northkeep] How can one get on the NK fighters list? and a Q about maille

Preston Selby diresquire at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 11:21:05 PDT 2012

Greetings, Listies!
Ld. Eskel here. I've been hoping for Milord Angus to show up at practice so I can ask him, but Alas!
How can  one apply to the Northkeep fighters list? I have looked on the list of lists on the Ansteorra webpage, but it seems to have evaded me.
Right now I have one specific query: 
Where on the internet can one find that particular kind of fine-link, fine-woven chainmaille which serves for light combat as well as chivalric? There is some on museumreplicas. But it is like a t-shirt, when what I want is a hauberk or byrnie.
Does anybody know if more standard-gauge maille (say 8-9mm inner-diameter links) passes muster for the light-combat puncture test? Assume we are discussing riveted/solid or high tensile strength links.
Also, thank you in advance to any who might chose to come to the Chemin Noir Pop tonight. As usual, we can stand to have guidance from wiser, more experienced heads (old farts.)
Ld Eskel of Chemin Noir

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