[Northkeep] Help! I hate my heater!

Preston Selby diresquire at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 16:22:01 PDT 2012

Dear Listies and Chivalric Fighters,

Perhaps you have witnessed at NK fighter practice a fresh and lightly-built fighter struggling with an oversized yellow heater to no good effect.
Ofcourse, one pretty much needs a shield to be well-rounded, and so this piece of portable cover was purchased. But no one else seems to carry such a proportionally large heater.
I'm staring at the confounded board as I write, contemplating what to do with it. I know that I enjoy using a buckler much more.

Perhaps It could be modified for a better fit, or traded, or even divided into two smaller, more usable shields? This would be nice since shields are scarce in the Noir.

I will be bringing it to the G&G this wednesday. Surely the wiser and deadlier amongst you will have suggestions.

Many thanks
Ld. Eskel of Chemin Noir

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