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For those that might have missed it on the Ansteorra list


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In response to the overwhelming offers of financial help from our Great
Kingdom in this time of need, ACCEPS is now open to take donations.  Click
on the ACCEPS link just as you would to register for an event in Ansteorra
and choose whatever increment of $5 you would like to donate.  Please note
that there is a small processing fee for the convenience of using an
electronic payment.  If you would prefer to donate without this charge,
please feel free to mail a check directly to the Kingdom Treasurer marked
for the Ansteorran general fund.  I would like to thank our ACCEPS officer,
Mistress Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd, along with Mistress Kaitlyn and Sir
Rodri, for being so efficient with this process.

In the days to come I will have a better picture of where we are
financially and will be able to begin formulating a long term plan for
recovery, but as of right now, we hope to be able to cover our needs
without requiring any groups to give up thier funds.

Proud Ansteorran Senschal
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