[Northkeep] Did you know where these expressions came from?

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 13 09:47:16 PST 2012

That went much nicer than I was expecting.Not to imply that Master Dunn is not 
nice or that he could even be unpleasant.

If you will picture the good master ensconced in the stony tower of his library 
with its vaults and undercofts filled with a vast store of knowledge captured in 
printed form. This bastion of hope for education is centered upon the majestic 
campus of the university. There in the high chambers of the tower you find the 
master looking up from his careful study of some aged tomb in his tweed and 
glasses. When he speaks there is a slightly perturbed tone as he admonishes 
mostly for the sake of educating and the perturbation is less addressed to the 
unwitting individual and more towards the over all state of society leading to 
this situation. With a harrumph the master returns to the tome and relishes in 
unlocking some new literary factum or a primary source for future research. 
Forgive the detailed description but that is how I pictured the scene and the 
mental imagery only added to the humor.

In my own way from time to time I have touched off the powder on this particular 
keg which is mostly why I took humor in it. Hopefully my humor offers no offense 
to either party. May you both enjoy the day in your own special way and find 
some comfort in the fact that you allowed some of us to get a chuckle out of 
your discourse.


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