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No offense taken.


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I apologize to the lady if I caused offense in responding.  Though I 
certainly do not qualify as one of the "more educated",  I felt she was 
actually trying to stir up some commentary on the subject.  I've seen 
these type of things come through occasionally and have found them 
entertaining, but never considered them anything but fun.  It shows some 
creativity in coming up with these so called explanations (some of which 
may be partially rooted in history, I have no idea).  My husband and I 
enjoyed going though them and guessing which ones might actually have 
some element of truth in them.  The brass monkey was just the one I 
thought could be verified fairly easily one way or another.  I put in my 
defense a perhaps misinterpreted quote from Lady Cicily:

Okay, I didn't check the historical accuracy of all of these (and many of
them are out of period), so I'm sure some of you more educated/  _people
correct them_/, but I did find these kind of cute.


On 2/13/2012 5:30 PM, a a wrote:
> Oh,CHILL OUT! Lady Cicily admitted in her original post that she didn't
know if any of them were true;which says to me that she trusts our
intelligence and judgement and that if we're interested we can do our own
research on the subject. Meanwhile,I submit that while her knowledge of
history may or may not be lacking, YOU could learn a lot from HER about
chivalry and grace.
>                                                  Edward

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