[Northkeep] Return of the Dragon - RETURN OF AWESOME CLASSES!

Preston Selby diresquire at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 20:05:27 PDT 2012

Dear Fellows,

We have an exciting line up of A&S classes for the Chemin Noir event July 6-8!

Thanks to Ladies Dervilia and Cicily of Northkeep, and Lady Rosamistica de Green of Vatavia, who have volunteered their time and knowledge, RotD will be offering the following classes in the main hall on Saturday the 7th of July:

10 AM  Basics in Herbalism, Illumination
11 AM  Blackwork Embroidery, Illumination

12 PM   Basics in Herbalism, Smocking

1 PM     Smocking, Illumination

2 PM     Herbal Preservation, Illumination

3 PM     Herbal Salves, Blackwork Embroidery

That is right! six hours of classes with some repeating! Classes will go until 4 PM, when the raffle begins.
Let this also serve as a requests for donations for the raffle. Remember that raffles are a great way to turn your old junk into somebodies new treasure, especially for newer, poorer members of the society!

Once again, thanks to the Lady Instructors!

Eskel Someried, 

Chemin Noir

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