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On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 1:29 PM, a a <princeisabitteroldman at yahoo.com> wrote:
> There are many Kings but only one true Pookie. What can I do to become a Pookie?

Yannow I could better answer that question, if I knew what a Pooky was.

(Disclaimer: this email might get lengthy, so as with any email you
see from me ALWAYS remember deleting the moment you see my name is a
very real option)

So, lets explore that.

Sometime in the past two years at an event, a Lady who loves her Pooky
introduced her knew love to me.

This lord told me that his Lady Love had told him she knew a Pooky and
wanted to introduce him to me. This Lord also conveyed to me he knew a
Pooky from another Kingdom. He conveyed with his tonality the love he
felt for this other Pooky and how separation by distance was painful.
He was more than skeptical, yes incredulous, that there could be
another Pooky other than his from the different Kingdom. This had
obviously been a point of conversation in this couple's SCA lives. So
from an even footing, I was at a -3 disadvantage from the getgo.

Then as I do, we hugged. In a click, his pupils dilated, his smile
beamed, and he was overjoyed that OMG there was and could be another
Pooky, just like the one he knew!

So, what the hell was that about, what was it that I shared in an
embrace that made his brain go *ping*, and how does that define me?

Another Facet of The Dream that might refract insight was when I first
encountered The Great Dark Horde...

(Fair warning, another good opportunity to hit the delete button)

I placed heal upon the plains of my greatest and yet unknown
adventure. My foot landed as though preordained upon a large flat
rock. Knowing all things in The Dream have reason, I did place this
large flat stone, two thirds a cubit wide and a cubit high in my belt.
I had long long before grown the wisdom not to question The Knowing.
It is better to accept my ancestral memories as my own and let the
knowledge and wisdom of my foremothers guide my heart so I may create
joy in the lives and minds of those who find me.

With large rock in belt, I walked well beyond dusk to find the
warriors of the world. They gathered not as embattled enemies but
rather at gulfwar's tavern joined together in good tidings and
fellowship. The dawn would demand their blood feed the fields and
stain the grass red to pay the price demanded by Honor and Pleasure.
But for now they shared joyful stories of survival, their fallen
Brother's heroics, and the beauty or chivalry of their inspirational
loved ones.

These were the emotions that flowed from those gathered as I
approached. The first among all gathered to envision me were My
beloved Baron Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair fiefed to the Barony of
Namron and the beloved Baron Ian dun Gillan fiefed to the Barony of
Northkeep. The emotions from Donnchadh were anticipation, desire, (joy
to see me), and relief. Ian emoted (joy to see me) and as though a
moment was conquered, he walked briskly into the crowd with smile and

Donnchadh took hold of my elbow and made me to face him as only a man
of his regal stature could. His eyes were unblinking. The
portentousness portrayed through the urgency and necessity of his
sudden passion for this exact moment in time revealed to me a moment
of Dream Building was upon us. Serendipity flows from truth akin to
milk from a mothers breast and this was a moment when all was posed to
come into accordance with a yet unrevealed prophecy.

I stood and listened. Not so much to the words for which he spoke but
rather to the intention of his quick-beating heart. With the quickest
glance I spied Ian in the crowd mirroring Donnchadh's frenetic
animation, but with whom I saw nought though I knew it would be the
one for whom Donnchadh spoke of to me now. He by palaver befitting, a
meeting to occur, the concept of Khan, and the mythology of The Great
Dark Horde (in 22 seconds or less). Ian by grin, did convey to us deed

I, as is the way of My people, did pay notable homage in greeting to
one I wished to honor profoundly; kneeling as for afternoon prayer
directly in front of Kahn of The Great Dark Horde. Without
predetermined reason I removed the recently acquired paver from my
belt and presented it to Kahn asking that she place i upon my grave
after I die. Kahn, meeting a Pooky for the first time, did vow to
fulfill my wish and invited me to The Great Dark Horde's family court.
I conveyed my gratitude and we mutually concluded this unique genesis.

Later that evening I entered the ger of The Great Dark Horde wherein
were gathered 12 "Brothers". The mysteries therein I will never reveal
other than to say I did heal everyone that had gathered for this

(here's the useful part) It was later revealed to me that as I entered
I was envisioned as a Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is a wisdom-being
that is motivated by great compassion, embraces qualities like
self-sacrifice and morality and has delayed ascension to Nirvana so
that I can continue to benefit the lives of others.

I'm compelled to mention another moment in time when a Lady from
Namron channeled "The Pooky Love" and gave herself permission to free
herself from her shell by embracing people she encountered thereby
expressing her heart openly.

So in conclusion, <YaY> I think if you wanna become a pooky of your
own form I would recommend engaging everyone with an open heart, imbue
your heart's lifelight as an expression of kindness and or love, and
know within every dimension of your existence that the power which you
embrace and intend is to better the lives of those you are blessed to
have the opportunity to cherish.

Respect and Loving Gratitude,
Your Beloved Pookie / Pooky / Puque / Puktha

De wei moet worden uitgedrukt voordat de kaas kan worden bereikt.
The whey must be expressed, before the cheese can be attained. ~ Dutch Proverb

"Love's lifelight dispels all shadows upon the path grown over with
truth." ~ Pooky

On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 1:29 PM, a a <princeisabitteroldman at yahoo.com> wrote:
> There are many Kings but only one true Pookie. What can I do to become a Pookie?
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> I'm really looking forward to it.
> I hope to bring my armor and armor accessories. Hopefully someone can
> tell me what I have and what I need, so one day I can become king of
> the hill.
> Respect and Loving Gratitude,
> Pookie
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