[Northkeep] Artisan Challenge for Return of the Dragon

Shirley Hackworth slhack at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 20 18:04:17 PDT 2012



Just a reminder that I have issued an Arts and Sciences challenge for Chemin
Noir's event, Return of the Dragon that will be held the weekend of 

6-8 July.   A lovely prize will be awarded to the artisan with the most
creative blackwork embroidery project.  The judging will be by popular vote.
Documentation is not required, but is always appreciated (and makes for good
practice for entering Kingdom Arts and Sciences competitions.) 


I hope that all of the talented embroiderers throughout the Kingdom and
abroad are finishing their projects and I look forward to seeing them.  If
you haven't yet begun, remember that blackwork embroidery is quite simple to
do and it is not too late to start a small project for this challenge.


Please join us at this event and enter your projects that have completed
within the last two years.


Yours in service,


Lady Cicily Bridges

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