[Northkeep] Fw: [Ansteorra] Honor Shield Specifications for CrownTournament Posted on Kingdom Webpage

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Either I, Duchess Willow or HL Adalia have agreed to paint or have painted
honor shields for the following contestants; Alexander Marcellus, Amalric
des Etoiles, Angus Gunn, Cathal Finn O Briain, Damon Xanthos, Evangelos
Thrakios, Geoffrey de Gournay, Jean Paul de Sens, Morgan Black Dragon,  Owen
ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne, Perrin de Beaujeu, Thorvald Egilsson, Úlfr
Arnfinnsson, and Vigge Jonson.

If any other contestants for Crown Tourney need a shield painted I will
ensure that it is taken care of upon your request by e-mail. If I have
listed you in error and you do not need an honor shield painted, please let
me know as well and accept my apologies for the miscommunication. 

For those who I do not see regularly, your honor shield will be available to
be picked up at the Crown Tourney gate when you check in.  I have several
gate shifts, but if I am not there I will leave the shields will those lords
and ladies who are manning the gate.


Lady Cicily

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Subject: [Northkeep] Fw: [Ansteorra] Honor Shield Specifications for
CrownTournament Posted on Kingdom Webpage

Just in case you didn't see / get this!

A PDF with the dimensions and specifications for the Honor Shields required
of participants in the Summer 2012 Crown Tournament has been posted on the
Kingdom home page.  You can also go directly to the document here:
www.ansteorra.org/Honor%20Shield%20Template.pdf .  If you have any questions
regarding the requirements or need help creating one of these shields you
may contact Sabine at: purpleermine at gmail.com .

William Cameron deBlakstan
Webminister, Ansteorra

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