[Northkeep] Well, I'm surprised.

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Personally, I would like politics to continue to be kept from this forum. 
Centurion Angus Gunn

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Subject: [Northkeep] Well, I'm surprised.

The Supreme Court upheld all parts of the Obama Health Care law, including the individual mandate.

At least they used the taxation clause of the Constitution, not the way-too-heavily-abused commerce clause.

Look forward to new laws requiring everyone to own and carry a cell phone, because it makes them easier to contact and more able to report in case of emergencies, AND a land line because, you know, sometimes people let their batteries run down.

And require everyone to own and drive SUVs because they make car accidents safer – for them.

And require everyone to own and use radios and televisions, because they make it easier to get public safety announcements out.

And require everyone to wear flotation devices, regardless of age or ability, if within 100 yards of open water.

Those pointless knives being marketed in England? Get ready. Welcome to the Nanny State.

I know, we've been avoiding politics on this forum. Don't expect me to keep this up, or respond to contrary opinions, polite or not.

But if I can't vent here, where can I?


PS -- sent this around at work first, got this in reply:

This is my country, I'm not going anywhere. But it was founded on rebellion against overbearing government.

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