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Shirley Hackworth slhack at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 2 06:52:55 PST 2012

Reeve Report

The Kingdom of Ansteorra paid the settlement amount of $62,041.21 to Corpora
from the kingdom's cash assets and solicited donations from the populace to
offset the amount paid. The amount paid represented 18% of the kingdom's
assets.  Almost all of the general fund and the entire anniversary fund were
used to cover the settlement invoice, leaving the kingdom account with
barely enough to cover this year's budget. Because of the generosity of the
populace of Ansteorra who immediately began providing donations to offset
the settlement, the amount assessed to individual baronies to replace the
kingdom's funds was less than 18% of cash assets.  The Barony of Northkeep
was assessed $1879.59.  The Barony of Northkeep's financial committee met
and decided to send $2000.00 to the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  This amount is
still less than 18% of the barony's cash assets.

Individuals wishing to donate to the kingdom to replenish the account are
still welcome to do so. These donations will be gratefully accepted and

The donations should be made out to SCA, Inc-Kingdom of Ansteorra and may be
sent to:
Anna Lichorad
4104 Settlers Way
Bryan Texas 77808
kingdom at treasurer.ansteorra.org
Please specify if your donation is for the corporate or kingdom account.
Personal donations via your credit card may be made via ACCEPS for the
kingdom account (www.acceps.ansteorra.org).

A new archery butt and replacement core have been ordered and should arrive
within 4 weeks.  Funds for the new archery butt were raised last year at
Castellin.  Members of the populace are invited to attend archery practice
to try out the new archery butt.




I, Shirley Hackworth (legal name), being known within the Society for

Anachronism as Cicily Bridges, do hereby agree to the following

with respect to my _X__article ___story ___script ___poem ___song ___artwork

(hereinafter "the Work(s)") entitled as
Follows February Reeve Report

(check all that apply; complete blanks where necessary):


__x___  I hereby transfer and assign to the SCA my entire right, title and
interest to the Work identified above. The SCA shall own the Work and shall
have sole right to determine all future uses of the Work.

*PLEASE STOP:  If you checked Option #1, do not check any of the Other
Options below.*


The SCA may (check all that apply):

_____ publish the Work once in an issue of
________________________________________  ;

_____ publish the Work no more than ______________________times in the above

_____ publish the Work electronically;

_____ perform (if my Work is a performance) the Work at an Event called
________________ ;

_____ publish the Work on a SCA web site for
_____________________________________   ;

_____ publish the Work in any SCA publication, including print, web and


I _x__ agree ___do not agree (check one) that my Work (if it is an article)
may, for reasons of space availability or editorial concerns, be edited or
abridged by the publishing Chronicler/ Editor/Webminister, unless
specifically requested otherwise below. If I agree to my Work being edited,
I understand that such editing or abridgement will be done with reasonable
care to maintain the context and content integrity of the Work.

I represent and warrant that I am the sole creator of this Work, and I agree
to indemnify and hold harmless the SCA in the event any claim is brought
against the SCA by any person claiming that they have any right, title or
interest in the Works superior to mine or that I did not have lawful
authority to grant the above permission and rights to the SCA.

Please send me a copy of the newsletter(s) in which my work is used. (It is
understood that my address will be included on the article only if I request
this item.) My address is as follows:

Signature (online signature accepted)

Date  March 2, 2012

Email Address:  slhack at earthlink.net

Mailing Address:  350 Academy Street, Tahelquah, OK  74464

BHB / PM NEW 8/10

Remember this: that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed
in the performance of every act of life.  --Marcus Aurelius
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