[Northkeep] Bardic Theme for Return of the Dragon

Tara Alexander 1tara.alexander at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 09:16:26 PDT 2012

For those interested, here's the Bardic Theme for Return of the Dragon:

We're going with the chosen tagline for the event, "The Summer of Flame".
Be creative! There are countless ways to incorporate this theme into your
performance. If you are interested in judging the competition, please
message me privately. I would like to have three committed judges who have
experience in the Bardic Arts. We will be using the Kingdom of Ansteorra
Performance Judging Sheet found at http://moas.ansteorra.org/ under "A&S
judging forms". Documentation can be verbal, but bringing a short,
written/printed copy to hand to the judges is encouraged. Official
competition pieces should be reproductions of period performances or
original works that would not be out of place if they were transported back
in time and performed for a period audience. The performer with the highest
number of combined points from all three judges will be the next Troubador
of Chemin Noir!

Thank you!

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