[Northkeep] Now that you're home safe and sound

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We won the Castle battle.  It was miserably hot and humid to be wearing armor in the bright sun, but the battle was glorious!  Our side had two ballista and five trebuchets (me and Karl from Northkeep, the two from Namron, and two from Shadow Legion), and many archers.  The trebuchets would occasionally fire all five in volley, and it was a beautiful thing to see.  It brought cheers from the crowd every time.  

Ansteorra started inside the castle, and instead of just having the army go rushing out, as is usually the case, we were allowed to fire away at the outside for at least 10 minutes, probably more.  Karl and I started out with 50 ammunition, and were able to fire off all but maybe 10.  I'm told that all but one of their siege engines was wiped out before our army rushed out, a good number of the attacking army had been killed by the siege engines and archers, and it was mostly just mopping up of the survivors to be done by our army.

Karl and I had one "rock" that hit solidly on a tree before falling to the ground, and people inside the castle (whence we generally could not really tell whether we were actually hitting anything, or not, as we were not allowed to have spotters on the parapet) laughed at our aim.  But as we were told after the battle, that rock then unexpectedly dropped directly onto a ballista which had set up under that tree, undoubtedly thinking that the tree would protect it from trebuchet fire, killing the ballista and everyone manning it.

When the battle reset with Ansteorra outside the walls, it was over quite quickly.  The fighters were kind enough to set up with their shields in front of the siege engines to protect us from archers for the few shots we were able to get off.  Ansteorra broke through the door and our valiant fighters rushed inside, wiping out the defending army.  The whole thing didn't take but a few minutes.  It was a brilliant battle, and a decisive victory.

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> This entire week we have had absolutely zilch in the way of
> reports from the war.  Cian's post about the newest Arc
> d'Or was the first news we had.
> So what happened?  Battles, tournies, competitions,
> awards, shopping, classes, no-bleep-there-we-were accounts,
> we want to hear everything . . .
> Those of us in the rear guard have been sitting around
> listening to crickets this past week.
> Talana

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