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Info can be found at medievalfair.org and the revel address can be found at:

You can find directions on google.map or mapquest.


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Address and directions for those of us unfamiliar pretty please???
hates to get lost....

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I've never been to a Norman Med Fair before. I've heard they are a blast. Gonna try to make this one. Is there a group going that I could tag along with?
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>Med Fair Revel will be in Norman at The Hidden Castle, Saturday, March 31 from
>7pm until, :-)...
>The Owners are very SCA friendly and are giving Us the use of the facilities
>free of charge on a Saturday night, Please act and respond accordingly!  :-) 
>Please come in garb and you may bring your own drinking vessels etc. 
>Children are welcome with supervision, there will be DVDs played on the big
>screen TV, :-)  There will be beer on tap and in the can, sodas, and food
>available for purchase and ice available. 
>This is a private party and you may bring in alcohol and wear weaponry with your
>Outside food and drink allowed, there will be no potluck.
>Plenty Of Parking.
>No site fee!
>Smoke Outside.
>This is a good place to invite interested prospective members, so be aware that
>there might be so new folk about, :-0
>Doug  of The Castle will on site as security, the rule is play nice or play else
>This has all the makings of a very good revel and I am glad to be involved in
>making this happen, Hope to see You there!
>Please crosspost, my address book is being hinky, Sigh...  :-)
>In Service,
>'Stacia  :-)
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