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1309 West Boyd. Boyd is an east-west street that more or less forms the northern border of the University. I'd say the best way to go is north from the fair to Lindsey, west to Berry, then north to Boyd, west a very short distance on  Boyd. 

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Due to an unfortunate and accidental double booking at The Hidden Castle. We 
were not bumped, but would have been sharing the premises with a 
Mattalica/Anthraxish rock concert. Kelly would have cleared out the dance studio 
in back for our use alone and He and Doug feel absolutely horrid about it...Sigh

Sooo... With the Revel compromised , wise heads decided to see if we could move 
to a different site.  We are now booked at The Universalist Church for Saturday 
evening (March 31st).Someone else please post the address as I don't have it at 

Bring Yourselves, stuff to eat, what You want to drink, and we will have a 
Revel! Looking fondly forward to sharing Your company!

In Service, 

'Stacia  :-)


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