[Northkeep] Axeman VII...TODAY...5 p.m. until Sunday

Tadhg ld_tadhg at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 10:44:14 PST 2012

Greetings, one and all.

So what's this Axeman, you ask?
--Glad you asked...it's hottest little event this side of Gulf Wars.

But how can that be, you ask?

--Because it's THREE events in one...everyone else just gives you ONE!

That's right! THREE events in one:
    Axeman VII...hottest little event this side of Gulf Wars.
    Cooks Collegium II...annual culinary gathering

    War College/Rapier Melees...okay, that's probably really 4 for 1...hosted by Sir Wilhelm and Baron Orlando, respectively.

The Skorragardr champions for Chivalric, Rapier, Youth Chivalric, A&S, Bardic, Archery, and Thrown Weapons, will be chosen.

There two Chivalric tournaments before the War College: 1) Snowball Prize Tourney and 2) Axe and Plank Tourney.

The Snowball Prize Tourney requires a nominal prize for the chest. Then, individual fighters will square off. The winner will be the captain and lead the team in the next round...and so on, until one team remains. The leader of the victorious team will then divide the booty.

The Axe and Plank Tourney will be single combat fought on a rather sizable plank. The victor will carry the Skorragard Axe until next year.

The Rapier Tourney will be a Swedish Five. As the champion told me, it's like a Swiss Five--but it has axes and spears.

Schedule (preliminary & tentative):
Fri     5 p.m.     Site Opens
Sat    9 p.m.     Armor Inspection begins (and continues throughout the day)
        10 p.m.    Court (morning)
                        Snowball Prize Tourney (after Court)

                        Cooks Collegium (after Court)
                        A&S Competition (after Court)
        11 a.m.     Axeman Tourney
        12 noon    Swedish Five
                        Youth Chivalric (fought amongst Rapier rounds)
          2 p.m.     Archery
                         War College
          4 p.m.      Knife, Axe, and Spear
          6 p.m.      Court (evening)
                          Bardic (after Court)
Sun    12 noon    Site closes

...brick by brick

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