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Stephanie Drake cerdanya at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 08:06:26 PST 2012

Sorry if this goes out twice - I sent it once but it's not coming through
for me......

OK - for those of you who have not read the Saga (why aren't you reading
the saga?), here is what I said there:

"I want to thank everyone who has helped with the tree for the
Philbrook: Adalia,
Jutte, Cicily, Toinette, Angelique, Talana, Beohrtlic, Reinne, Ulrich,
Annais, Elodie, Willow, Megan and Marsha. Special thanks to Adalia and
Talana who gave me encouragement and ideas and to Ainar who toted and
fetched and will be helping me deliver the tree. If I forgot anyone in the
list above, please forgive me. Know that your efforts are still

And as I mentioned earlier, I forgot Zahava, Ayla, and Avi, and Brandon and
Charmaine. Also, Ainar did not get a close up of the Angel/Valkyrie tree
topper so he just uploaded the shot of her that Talana took onto his flickr
page. Smallest norse garb Mistress Talana has ever made - and she's the
star of the tree.

Again, if I have forgotten anyone, it's not because your efforts were
unappreciated, it's just my faulty memory. Thank you everyone.


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