[Northkeep] Fighter practice on Wednesday

Jeff Gurnee geoffrey.gournay at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 18:32:22 PST 2012

Greetings Northkeep!
Since fighter practice is on Thanksgiving eve, we will not be fighting nor will any classes be held on the other side of the hall. 

However, Adalia and I will be at the VFW at 5pm to start the weekly cleaning. I know there are folks who will be traveling that evening(thus the early start time), but anyone who would like to come and help will certainly be most welcome!

Yours in Service
Geoffrey de Gournay CSS CXVIII
Squire to Baron Sir Brom O'Brien
Northkeep Knight Marshall

"You are my adversary, but not my enemy. Your resistance gives me
strength Your will gives me courage. Your spirit enables me. And
though I aim to defeat you, should I succeed, I will not humiliate
you. Instead I will honour you, for without you I am a lesser person."

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