[Northkeep] School Demo Next Thursday 1:00 PM!!

Montega montega at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 07:04:48 PST 2012

Ok gang, we have a time frame. 1:00 for the demo. We need anybody
interested to let us know now so we can be sure what is going on. Artisans,
fighters, etc... come on out and help us give these kids a live history
lesson. The cool thing is that there will be a local paper there to do an
article. My cell is 918-706-7929 (text only I work at a call center) or
email me here or at mvalbert at aep.com (work)
 The toughest thing about coordinating a demo is that no one really says if
they are coming and you end up holding your breath until people actually
show up on the day. So, in light of that if you know you are going please
let us know.
 This will be at Bartlette Academy and I will post the address soon. Thanks
so much to all, I know we will do a great job and make a lasting impression
on these kids!

See you soon and Happy Holidays!
Montega Blackdragon
Northkeep Hospitaler

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