[Northkeep] GW XXII ACCEPS is OPEN - and other important information

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 08:55:53 PST 2012

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Greetings unto the Greatest Kingdom in the known world!

Gulf War XXII ACCEPS Registration is now open (
http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php) . . . just in time for being the
perfect Christmas present:-)

March 10, 2013 - March 17, 2013

***Land / Group Camping with***
Every year we have to figure out - Who is camping where? The problem is
that some people will register as Ansteorra - Barony of Namron, or Barony
of Namron, or Namron, or Namron - Ansteorra, or a whole bunch of other
possibilities. Every one of these shows up differently in the spreadsheet
when we get it and then we have to go through and try to figure it out. So,
here is how we would like everyone to register...Ansteorra, (Ansteorra with
a comma after it) and then the name of the group you are camping with. If
you are from one group but you are camping with another group do not try to
mix the names together to have Ansteorra, Eldern Hills / Namron, just do it
as Ansteorra, Namron. Who you camp with DOES NOT AFFECT how profits are
split up from the event and does not somehow diminish a group. Who you are
camping with ONLY affects how the Kingdom lands are divided. Ansteorra has
a set area of land and this land is divided up to each of the groups based
on how many people they have camping in their group. The more people you
have camping with you the more land you get. This is why it is sometimes
easier for two small groups to camp together so they have more land and can
setup common areas.


Ansteorran Muster Site - TRMs want to support everyone in the Kingdom and
all that they do at Gulf War. To help them do this they want to know what
people do when they go to GW. So they have requested that EVERY PERSON
going to GW register on the Muster site. It has a very short questionnaire
that will help them to know what people like to do. In addition to helping
them know what people like to do it will also give them everyone's name
that is going to be there. As a special treat, EVERY PERSON that goes to GW
AND signs up on the muster site is going to receive a PERSONALIZED gift.
The website is located at

Remember in order to get the personalized gift you must register on the
muster site. For those that will be waiting until February to register for
GW, you can go ahead and register now on the muster site so we can get a
good count on people and activities.

The form has to be filled out individually for each person, so a family of
4 has to fill it our 4 times, this sounds MUCH worse than it is since it is
so quick and easy.

HL Vincenti da Murano
Gulf War XXII Land Coordinator for Ansteorra

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