[Northkeep] Demo Success!

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Thu Nov 29 15:42:39 PST 2012

Dear Barony,

We have the most wonderful folks in the SCA!!  Montega and Morgan, Adalia and Geoffrey, Willow and Jonathan, Judy, Carl, and others turned out to show our kids how much fun we have, and, oh, by the way, how much we learn, not only about the middle ages, but about chivalry, art, crafts, music, woodwork, and caring about your friends.

There wasn't a one of them that didn't find something of interest, and some of them who really want to start attending on Wednesday.  One of the kids was practically jumping up and down saying, "This is so cool!  This is so cool!" and video taping everything on his phone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  As these newbies start showing up, they will be looking for friends and mentors who can show them the chivalric way, and be a family to them that many of them have never known.  

Every one of you will be blessed for pouring into the lives of these teens.  I know the kids are blessed to have such selfless people in Northkeep.


Franziska von Locknitz

P.S.  If I have left out the names of any who participated, please forgive.

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