[Northkeep] Seeking: Several gentles here and abroad

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah zubeydah at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 10:09:14 PDT 2012

I am working on expanding the Event Reviews section
of the Ansteorran Wiki, and am taking some items that were donated /
reprint permission granted for my old SCA website as a starting point.
 There were many folks who have, over the years, posted a 'review' of
sorts after an event, and I'd love to get consent to post them to the

Aline Swynbrook: Axemann II
Arthur Blackmoon: Castellan 2006, Mooneschadowe Guardian 2004
Anawyn: Castellan 2006
Amanda Blackwolf: Castellan 2005, Winterkingdom 2004
Gilyan: Mooneschadowe Guardian 2004, Argent Anniversary
Ivo: Blood of Heroes  2005
Mylisant: Triumphe of the Eclipse 2006
Ollj: The Adventure of Getting Maggie to Court Addendum
Ottokar: Fair of the Harvest 2006
Owen ap Aeddan: Gulf War 2005
Rhiannon Redwulf: Lillies War 2006, Blood of Heroes 2005,
Mooneschadowe Guardian 2005, Weisenfeuer Baronial 2005, The Adventure
of Getting Maggie to Court
Renault du Mont St Michel: Lillies War 2005
Sigen: Mooneschadowe Guardian 2004 (A Letter to Calontir)
Ulf:  Crown Tournament 2005

In order to post these, I'm hoping to contact the above gentles, send
them a copy of the text for their review, and obtain a completed
Content Permissions form (Found here:
http://www.ansteorra.org/publications/forms/ReleaseCreative.pdf).  I
will have many of these with me at Triumphe this weekend -- please
feel free to stop by the wiki info table!

(Thank you, to Baron Ian, who has already granted consent for 8 of his
event review emails to be posted!)


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