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Fri Sep 21 19:09:03 PDT 2012

I have two students coming with me this Wed evening.  Kelly, who has been there a few times, is hoping.g to find some fabric to make a gown, and may be interested in other SCA acoutrements.  She does not have much to trade, though.

If you could be more specific about what kind of books for school, I have lots that might be well received.  However, I don't want to haul tons of books (literally) if they're the wrong ones.

The second guest, Madison, is thrilled with the idea of our game and she wants to get into rapier and archery right away, graduating to heavy fighting when she turns 18.  This will be her first visit.

A third student, John, may also come on his own.  He turned 18 this summer and wants to check our rapier, so if anyone has loaner gear, he will need it.  He will bring his own personal sport protection as required by regulation.

There are several boys who have shown Interest, but they are 14 to 16.  So if anyone can explain boffer rules to them and get that part of our barony going again, I think I might be able to bring in some youngsters in the next few months.


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