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    Willow and I had a great time!  We had a lot of interest in everything we talked about and had extended chats with many nice people I hope to see again.  We are definitely on for next year (it was really touching to hear even little children say to us "Blessed be!").  A really good day and a very successful demo.


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Thank you to all of you who came out yesterday to the Pagan Pride Demo.  It
was quite a busy day for all of us there!

Thank you also to Their Excellencies for the use of the Baronial Pavilion.
It was great to have a place that we could all get out of the sun...

Throughout the day we had 25 people from the Barony and Canton out to
support the Demo.

The organizers of the demo were very grateful and let us know that many,
many people were excited to see us there.

Many of our activities were well represented:Fighters (both Chivalric and
rapier), A&S, and Archery.  We had multiple A&S tables (Trichinopoly
Chainwork, Carta Pesta, metal work, japanese braiding, costuming, jewelry,
etc), an Archery display (we were not allowed to actually shoot any
archery) of some photos as well as some crossbows and a long bow, an
"Armory Display" with weapons and armor both chivalric and rapier.

We gave out an entire stack of brochures and are expecting quite a few new
people to be showing up to fighter practice in the coming weeks....

It was a good day!!

HL Adalia VonderBerg

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Imagination will take you anywhere.
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