[Northkeep] o.t. anyone know of a cheap place to

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Thu Sep 20 13:17:00 PDT 2012

If you are looking for new then Lowes or Home Depot are probably your best
bet.  If you are willing to take a chance on a used water heater, then
check Dawson Supply, if they are still in business.  They have a lot of
used construction and building supplies.   The are on Dawson road between
Sheridan and Yale, North of Independence.    At least they were when I
lived in Tulsa.

I would probably be OK with buying a used electric water heater, not sure I
would with Gas unless you really know how to check it out for safety.

Amazon has tank-less heaters starting at 129.99 and 40 Gallon Gas heaters
starting at 399.99.  Free shipping if you are a Prime member, not sure what
the shipping would be if not.


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