[Northkeep] A call to arms(and hands.......with paint brushes in them)

Jon Powell facondupray at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 08:03:30 PDT 2012

Greetings Unto Northkeep,
I want to take a moment to thank Adamar(spelled wrong I am sure, sorry) of
Northkeep, Charles and Elsa of Mooneschadowe who came out Wednesday night
to assist with the painting at Will Rogers. Everyone worked hard and
represented their groups well, we accomplished much with few hands, due to
their hard work and diligence laying the primer coat, Roger and I were able
to complete painting the underside of the front porch of the admin building
last night. There is much work left to do and Roger still needs us, this
project doesn't just benefit the scouts, but also provides us with an
improved site for our events. I would like to organize a work night were we
can get more hands out there and thus accomplish much more, based on
discussions from Wednesday night Mooneschadowe is doing the same. With our
combined efforts I believe we can turn months worth of work for Roger into
weeks. I am looking at Thursday night next week, if we could get several
people out there so we can attack several areas at once I believe we can
really move this project along quickly. Please let me know if you would be
able to attend so I can let Roger know how many will be coming so he can
prepare an appropriate amount of equipment. Thank you.

Yours in Service,

HE Facon
Baron of Northkeep
Lord of Chemin Noir

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