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Oh, Ok.  I just didn't know what we were looking at or what would be  
appropriate.  Having some idea of grade level and what kind of school we  were 
talking about was important to know so as to choose books that would be  
pertinent for them.  
I think this is a very worthwhile project.  Thank you Duchess Willow  for 
bringing it to our attention.  I fear I may not be in a position at  this 
moment to be able to go thru my books to find things to donate, but when I  am 
I will certainly try to find something for them.

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willowdewisp at juno.com writes:

No you  haven't missed anything I didn't think about you needing more 
They have books for the classroom but no books for the Library. They are a  
charter Lighthouse school. When I have worked with libraries in charter  
schools before I have found that some of the children were very advanced.  
This would be a gift and I was thinking of it on a individual level not  
the SCA.  

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