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I apologize for this, i hit the wrong "Northkeep" address. Please forgive me.

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Subject: [Northkeep] Some New Stuff!
Greetings to the best Officer corps in the Known World!!
   I am sorry to burden you all with this stuff BUT... I was told that I need to so here it goes,
1. I need a hard copy of your Membership card and drivers license (front and back, for both).

2. I need your current mailing address and phone numbers with any instructions needed i.e. no calls after 10pm etc.
3. I need the date you began holding your office and the date you will cease holding your office.
4. (This will not apply to most of you) If you are in a "marshal" type office, I need a hard copy of your authorization card for your particular situation. And, I need to see any waivers that you may collect.

5. Last but not least, When you send me your awesome reports, several of you send me the "blurb" that you do for the Nordic Saga, which I enjoy, but what we need to do is, when you send your official report to your "upline"/the Northern Regional officer for your office, "cc" me that official report. (S0, that I can cover your butt and my butt).  There is a place at the top of your reporting form to add my email (or any other email). So please add, seneschal at northkeep.ansteorra.org
  Thank you ALL, very much, for your patience and cooperation.  Sorry for any inconveniences.

A votre service,
HE Elisabeth de Calais
Seneschal Northkeep
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