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A very generous person gifted his  armor to the Shire of Brad Leah.
 Unfortunately, this armor will not fit our loaner program so we would like
to sell it.  The proceeds from this sale will go towards buying more
"generic" armor that will fit a wider variety of fighters.

All this armor is Stainless Steel!

Articulated gauntlets with gloves already in them.  These are field ready
 Pauldrons $100
1 set of Knees  and 1 set of  elbow - $40 for each pair.
Nice Breastplate with backplate AND hip protectors - $185    .
Vambraces $20,
stainless steel gorget $20,
upper arms $5.

Everything you need for the field except your helmet!!  All armor is in
excellent shape and is ready to fight in now.  We would sell the total kit
for abit less.  We have photos and can bring the armor to Wiesnfuer or
Coronation.  Email for pic and any questions you might have.  The Shire
thanks you for your support of it's new fighter program!  Dafpig at aol.com


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