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Elsa elsavonschammach at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 08:18:07 PST 2013

Forwarded by request.

Hello all. Provincial Games is quickly approaching and we are trying to
line up a few A&S events. I am sending this message out to a few laurels
and as many lists as I can reach, but please go ahead and spread the word
to anyone you feel might be interested. We are asking for artisans who
might be interested in teaching classes, or simply setting up an accessible
table to work on their crafts and help teach others how to do what you are
doing. This event will be very low key so don't worry about planning
anything extravagant (unless you feel like it). We are willing to set up
tables and try and provide you with any accommodations you will need. The
idea is to have a very unstructured A&S event where people can sit around
and do illuminations, felting, bead work, weaving, and anything else you'd
like to set up and work on. Please let me know what you are interested in
doing, what time frame you will for sure be doing it, and what we will need
to set up for you.

Thank you for helping make this such a fun event!

--Lena of Mooneschadowe

ddear at ostatemail.okstate.edu


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