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 From Damon:

29.              Zorab's song

30.              Song of the little red warboat.

31.              I will mourn my king

32.              Fruit of the Yew

33.              Steel shod dance

34.              The old ways (there's another name but I don't have it right now).  Chorus went something to the effect of "But deep in the wood the old temples remain to Odin and Freya, and Thor".

35.              Cruskin Lan

36.              Soldiers Daughter


*Soldier's Daughter*
Music and words by Cassandra Peverell

I was raised in Lincoln town
My father's only child
For war he left me on my own,
With plough and domicile.
Two years hence, his death was knelled
And a lord's right to his land upheld.
And I was cast aside.

Horse and sword and armor strong
Are all that's left to me,
But father taught me my life long,
So well I know all three.
To Dover I will find my way,
And bind my breasts for soldier's pay,
And fear shall not me find.

     For though I am a young girl,
     A soldier's daughter,
     I'll race across the plains
     On the backs of armored steeds.
     My father's sword I'll hold high
     And shed the blood of warlike men
     No quarter to them given.
(there's more...)




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