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Rick Drake ainarm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 08:02:07 PST 2013

Tokyo in Tulsa is our annual anime convention here in Tulsa.  And Ian there
are a few of the "Older" members of the Barony who participate every year
:)  Not sure how well either of these would work out since both would
require us to purchase space.  There may be an opportunity for a demo
session of fighting or other stuff at TinT, but not sure of the
availability of space.  I know many groups do participate in several of the
anime conventions I have attended.  Might be something to look into.  I can
prob. get contact info if needed/wanted.


On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 9:31 AM, Jerry Herring <jherring68 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings,
> After some posts on the Kingdom list conversing about recruitment and
> retention I wondered if our group might like to think about and discuss
> some opportunities in those areas? There are two potential places where
> recruitment might occur and I do not think that our Barony is currently
> doing any active recruitment.
> 1.Tokyo in Tulsa - August 2nd-4th, 2013.  This could be is a huge venue for
> the SCA to make a presentation. The people attending this convention
> already have an interest in costuming and many of the younger players in
> Chemin Noire and Northkeep are familiar with the event. If the Barony were
> to stage a demonstration, or just man a booth at this convention it is my
> thought that would generate a good deal of interest in what we do. The
> booth might be manned by our members working on needle work, weaving,
> leather work, making jewelry, crafting chain-mail. These are just thoughts
> that I had. The follow up for this could be a two or three part ordeal;
> first a medieval costuming seminar to help teach those interested how to
> make some period apropriate clothes, a combo fighter practice\armor making
> session for those interested in the martial arts,  and an old fashioned
> revel with a bardic sing along and food.
> 2. Trek Expo - June 21st -23rd 2013. Another huge venue for finding people
> potentially interested in the SCA. Although I do not know if it would be
> possible to arrange a full demo this might be a place where just having a
> booth or convention table set up to pass out flyers and present A&S skills
> might be a good way to go, If nothing else these kinds of events have a
> printed program where a full page or partial page add might generate a good
> deal of interest. As a follow up for this we could plan a mid-summers
> themed revel.
> Now if getting together a group of local members with enough interest to
> man these events then what about pulling together a smaller contingent to
> attend each of these events in costume and while attending casually
> distributing flyers and answering questions from interested parties. Any
> efforts along these lines however grand or small might draw in a new
> generation of SCA players.
> I look forward to hearing your ideas on this subject.
> Kindly
> Ian
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