[Northkeep] Practice tonight?

Alex Crane alexandroscrane at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 05:32:52 PST 2013

I'm planning on being there but you've got a point about the weather. I'm sure my current bruises(Jason) wouldn't mind a little more time to level out anyway, haha.

As a side note, while I'm typing anyway...

Glorious Barony,

I know it's been said a lot at lately but it should be a mantra and nagging, persistent thought at this point:

War. Is. Coming. As in, in two weekends. A mere two weeks and many of you will be either on the road or planning on being within what could be quantified as *hours*. Along these same lines, I wish to "host" a midweek "practice" for the next two weekends. I've mentioned it to a couple of others and was thought well of. This would not only be a great time to knock some extra rust off your alternative-weapon game but also double as a great opportunity to demo to the public and even have some pseudo-revel time after. I know the Hall, as great as it is for combating the elements, is not always the best for working on spear, glaive and greatsword technique; especially when as packed as last week's practice(Vivat!) so this seems like a great time to work on these things.

Bring your war gear. Both this night and this Sunday. If we can't fight at the send-off revel, we'll return and fight the next day. I offer myself as a proverbial heavy bag to help others with their war skills before they depart to represent us against filthy Trimaris and hope to see multiple others to work on group tactics.

En service, je reste,
Squire Alexandre Crane

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