[Northkeep] New Park Revel Dates!

Baroness Montega baroness at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Mon Jul 8 17:52:19 PDT 2013

Great news! Lafortune Park has given us permission to put a 10x10 pavilion on the shady side of the park by the North parking lot. This means we aren't restricted to when the permanent pavilion is available. Here is a list of dates for upcoming park revels. We've done it several months in advance so that people may plan. 
July 20
Aug 10
Sept 14
Oct 19
Nov 16
Dec 14

All dates will be from 11AM to 5 PM. We can have fighting since we are insured! We tried to choose dates that would not conflict with other baronial gatherings. 
 Special thanks to Ciana who has been awesome helping us get this park for our revels. Thanks Ciana, you rock! 


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