[Northkeep] Shifts at Tokyo in Tulsa

Jerry Herring jherring68 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 08:02:11 PDT 2013

Good morning Northkeep! Saturday August 3rd from 9am til 7pm Northkeep will
have a demo table running in the vendor room of Tokyo in Tulsa at the Tulsa
Convention Center, located at 100 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK 74103. Driving
directions are available here:

If you are attending please reply to me and I will place your name in the
list for working the booth and send back out any open slots. The shifts are:

Since the demo opens at 10am we need people onsite before that time to set
up our booth and to stay late after the vendor room closes at 7pm to clean

When attending the demo you will be required to purchase a vendors badge
which limits you to the convention hallways and the vendor room for $15 (no
other areas unless you purchase a more expensive day pass for $30). During
shifts those attending the booth need to stay at the booth so it is manned
or if others are available to switch out with them to walk about
distributing flyers. Shifts will run for 3 hours each except for the last
shift which will be 4 hours. I hope that does not sound to harsh...it is
not intended to be. Optimally we need 3-4 people for each shift. Just
because all the slots are the booth are filled does not mean that you can
not help It is my understanding that the halls are a great location to meet
people and when walking about one might consider distributing business
cards or flyers. Also there are strict policies on weapons so please be
aware of those. You may read more about the weapons and conduct policies on
the event web site.  Please anyone attending try to dress to impress you
will be among a many skilled costumers and if you can catch their eye with
what your medieval, norse, celt, etc attire then that could be their
gateway to the SCA,

We are working in a limited space about 8x6 feet so please keep this in
mind when bringing items for display: such as table clothes, banners and
items of historical relevance and interest anything that might show off our
combat, archery, arts, and other activities. Some ideas were to set up the
table like a feast, or a gaming table with examples of chess, tafl,
merrels\morris, etc. Karl mentioned he might bring his Trebuchet which
could take up a good deal of space but if it might be positioned so that it
was taking up less room a trebuchet is sure to draw some attention. If
anyone has a free standing armor stand and is willing to set that up along
with their armor that might be moved off to the corner or free standing
banner poles just in case there not a backdrop. Also if anyone has any good
period style chairs they would not mind lending to the both? People setting
in a period chair might make more of an impression than those in a plastic
chair. If you want to bring something please let me know and I will make a
list so that everyone knows what will be there and hopefully not duplicate
their efforts.

Really excited about this opportunity if you could not tell :)


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