[Northkeep] 7 days

Rebecca Minton rebeccaj_bragg at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 8 12:37:37 PDT 2013

So my phone rings this morning, and I hear a raspy voice say "Seven daaaayyss....." Then he coughs, clears his throat, I realize it's the deputy Feastocrat just checking in with a one-week-to-go report. So since we have officially hit the one week mark, here's where we stand, short and simple: Still need 3 more peeps in the kitchen, and about 10 more feast servers. Please volunteer for these positions, but if we don't have enough volunteers beforehand, then I'll round up some peeps on site to help. That's really all that's left. Call/text/email/facebook me if you need me, have questions, want to volunteer, etc. 

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