[Northkeep] Rapier and Romance

Kirsten Pupek dnk_p at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 24 13:10:39 PDT 2013

Greetings unto the rapier fighters of Northkeep,
 I, Baronessa Caterina Giovanni, have been asked to represent the Queen of England at the Shire of Brad Leah's Rapiers and Romance event. I would ask that you all would attend this wonderful event as members of the English Army and help me vanquish the French Queen and her forces. The event is set for September 6-8 and will be held near Wichita Falls, Texas. In addition to rapier combat, there will be an archery tournament, a bardic competition, and an A and S competition. Please look here for more information about the event: http://brad-leah.ansteorra.org/events.html
 Please let me know if you will be able to attend and help us emerge victorious! We will bring the Namron Pavilion for shade, and I will arrange to feed lunch to all those who attend as allies to England (I will also provide you favors to wear in my honor). I look forward to this fun and exciting event!
 HE Caterina  		 	   		  

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