[Northkeep] Castellan Volunteer reminders

Theresa Kwasny raptorboss at cox.net
Thu May 16 16:34:46 PDT 2013

We have had lots of wonderful people volunteer for lots of wonderful things
at Castellan.  Here is a reminder to all you wonderful people, so you can
plan to be in the right place at the right time.  (By the way, you are
awesome.  Thank you for helping)  You are the reason we have nice

Gate shifts:
5-7PM:  Lady Jutte
7-9PM: Mistress Elisaveta, Lord Wilhelm
9-11PM: HE Kevin, Mistress Elisaveta
11PM-1AM: HE Kevin, Lady Eve

8-10AM: Lord Eskel, Lady Ayla
10AM-12PM: Master Dairmaid
12-2PM: Lady Jutte, Lady Jehanna

Privy Patrol:
HE Ian
Lord Gunny
Lady Jehanna

Master Beorhthric
HE Ian
HE Kevin
Lord Ulrich
Lady Francizka (Thursday)
Lady Angelique
Lord Wilhelm
Lord Eskel
Lord Perrin

Master Beorhthric
Mistress Talana
Mistress Elisaveta
HE Ian
HE Kevin
Lord Eskel
Lord Perrin

Water-bearing coordinator:
Lady Montega

Master Beorhthric
Centurion Geoffrey

Feast Servers:
Don Timothy
Lord Ottokar
M'lady Fawn
Lady Kate

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