[Northkeep] Checking in and donation ideas

Rebecca Minton rebeccaj_bragg at yahoo.com
Tue May 21 13:35:27 PDT 2013

We're fine here in Claremore. It barely sprinkled. It's thundering pretty heavy at the moment though. 
We do have some kitchen items we can donate. We also have children's and baby items we will happily send to those in need. I know everyone will want to help with the disaster relief, and I encourage you to think outside the box for things that are always needed but often overlooked. As well as basic food, medical supplies, and clothing, victims will be in need of things like soap, shampoo, baby food and formula, diapers, pet food, feminine supplies, toiletries like toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, band-aids and minor wound care supplies, work gloves, batteries, blankets, cots, camp chairs, propane, tents, tarps, tire pumps, and OTC meds like tylenol or excedrin. These poor people have basically found themselves forced into the lifestyle we enjoy for fun, but we know how to live it comfortably, and most of us can live it comfortably on a tiny budget. So when you're boxing up supplies to send, think about the mundane items you pack for gulf wars, and
 toss in a roll of duct tape, a flashlight, some chem lights, and a tarp or 2. If we can't live without one for a week in a tent, then they could probably really use one too. Our trailer is empty right now (9x5x5 box) , and I volunteer it for transporting the items to relief efforts to wherever they need to go. If anyone is coordinating a trip to deliver supplies, or such, let me know and I can bring the trailer. Maybe we can fill it up and help our neighbors. 

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