[Northkeep] Chemin Noir Sunfest Demo.

ottokarluther at aol.com ottokarluther at aol.com
Tue May 28 12:51:01 PDT 2013

Greetings Northkeep, Chemin Noir, and the whole Northern Region, 

During the weekend of May 31 - June 2, Chemin Noir will be holding a demo at Sunfest in Bartlesville. Sunfest is a large, free festival with arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, live music, and family-friendly activities. Here is a link to their site:?


?We will be there demonstrating the medieval tournament and period arts and sciences...and we'll be recruiting! We could use any and all help from the populace of this region. We would love to have both a heavy and a rapier fighters , archery demonstrations (we can't shoot, but we can speak), arts and sciences displays, a few children's activities, and bardic performances. We will be there all three days, with Saturday being the big draw. Over the weekend, Sunfest will see about 30,000 people come through the park.?

We'd be extremely grateful if you could come help us make this an awesome demo! Come for one day or all three, bring your fighting gear, that arts and science project you've been working so hard on, or just bring yourself and a friendly smile. It's sure to be a load of fun and an unbeatable opportunity to show how wonderful it is to play in the SCA.

?Please feel free to cross-post this message to other lists. Also, feel free to e-mail me with any and all questions you have. My apologies for a late notice--we were waiting on word from Sunfest as to our acceptance and park location before we could plan for certain what type of activities we would be able to have.?

Thank you all so much and we look forward to seeing you

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