[Northkeep] Updates In pieces (#1 Troll and site)

Rebecca Minton rebeccaj_bragg at yahoo.com
Thu May 30 13:09:57 PDT 2013

Okay, we have power but it keeps flickering so I'm going to post things in short sections. That way I won't lose everything if it goes off again. 
First section is Troll and site hours. We decided to run troll on friday evening for staff, and then on Saturday til noon. That leaves gives us 3 shifts of 2 hours each. Here's the volunteer list:
Friday evening 6-8p: Adalia
Saturday 8-10a: Rene Sheppherd
               10-noon: Megan
So that's covered. I will be at the church at noon on Friday to get the key, and to go over thesite improvements with the manager. They've made some changes since Winterkingdom, and only a few will affect us. Most notable are new AC units and the thermostats and cooling zones have changed, and they have a gate to close off the playground access to the parking lot. Those of you who might wish to come out early to help with setup may do so, but the official setup time begins at 6p. The event officially ends at 8p and site closes to the populace then. The cleaning crew for the church will arrive at 10, and it's fine if we are still working then, but we plan to be done and out of there as soon as possible. Those who can stay to help breakdown afterward will be much appreciated. If we police the site and clean up as we go, it will greatly streamline the breakdown process.

We are not opening the whole site to the general populace, and so some areas will be posted as Staff only. The A&S blitz will be in the Chapel section, and the 2 classrooms next to it in that hall way. The children's areas and the back end of that hall way will be reserved as prep rooms for Their Excellencies and Nexcellencies. Populace will have access to playground directly via the glass door by the study, and as stated above, there is a gate which will be closed to prevent access to the parking lot. The Brides room/Parlor by the sanctuary will be reserved for Their Majesties, and a muster station for court procession. The choir room across from it will be available for entourage, staging, and other miscellaneous needs of the Crown and Coronets. Troll will be in it's usual place by the front door. Rooms will be designated with signs stating which activities take place within, or if they are staff only. Fighting and Martial activities will be out on the
 field as usual. 

Like I said, I'm breaking this into parts, so if I find I missed anything, I will post it in a separate section, but I am trying to keep it all grouped appropriately. 
   On to section 2.......

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