[Northkeep] Castle at Muskogee

Robert Bates laiodheach at hotmail.com
Wed May 1 14:54:37 PDT 2013

Myself as well as another from Chemin Noir Work at one of the booths at 
the faire. We work a rock wall and boffer fight area. I would love to 
see any SCA kin out and about. Im going to be attempting to take some 
business cards at some point. A surprisingly large amount of people ask 
us if we do "medieval stuff" all year. Ive given out pamphlets out in 
the last few years  with some success. We have a very limited amount of 
storage in our tower that i can use to assist anyone with storing 
things. We will be flying a banner come and find us!

In service to the dream,

Laiodheach the Bear.

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> Subject: [Northkeep] Castle at Muskogee
> Greetings
> I have received a performer's pass for the Castle at Muskogee Renaissance
> Faire.  I will be demonstrating 16th century embroidery techniques.  If
> someone can get some of our SCA business cards to me, I will be happy to
> pass them out.  I can't be at the faire every weekend, but I'll go as often
> as I can.  Next year, we might consider asking the faire management whether
> the Barony of Northkeep could do a demonstration at the faire.  I'll talk to
> some people to see whether they might be interested, but an actual request
> from the barony would probably be better.  I understand that they are under
> new management who might not view the SCA in the same light as before.  I
> told them that I was a member of the SCA right up front when I asked for the
> pass.
> YIS,
> Cicily
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