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The group is still active in Tahlequah, but I don't know whether they have a
booth at the Castle.  I'll check it out.  If the Castle doesn't have a
problem with them I don't know why they'd have a problem with us.  Their
weapons are certainly less capable, they don't appear to have any safety
rules, they don't inspect weapons, and their garb often doesn't even attempt
to be historically accurate.


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It's been several years ago, but there used to be an Amtgard (sp?) group,
that I believe was out of Tahlequah, that had a fundraising booth there.
They use(d) essentially boffer weapons, but I did a five minute bout with
one of their young lords.

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I have received a performer's pass for the Castle at Muskogee Renaissance
Faire.  I will be demonstrating 16th century embroidery techniques.  If
someone can get some of our SCA business cards to me, I will be happy to
pass them out.  I can't be at the faire every weekend, but I'll go as often
as I can.  Next year, we might consider asking the faire management whether
the Barony of Northkeep could do a demonstration at the faire.  I'll talk to
some people to see whether they might be interested, but an actual request
from the barony would probably be better.  I understand that they are under
new management who might not view the SCA in the same light as before.  I
told them that I was a member of the SCA right up front when I asked for the



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