[Northkeep] Sunfest Demo help

Robert Bates laiodheach at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 14:21:46 PDT 2013

Good day peoples. Im putting this up on the list to see if we can get some confirmed attendees for the Bartlesville Sunfest. It is a 3 day Demo and we would love to have people there all 3 days for a great display. Even if you just want to sit there in garb that is fine by us. If any of you are for sure gonna be there please let us know so we can prepare for any lacks in coverage. Unfortunately those of us here will not have any spare places for folks to crash at night so plan accordingly.   Also could the lovely Northkeep Seneschal get in touch with me.

Thank all of you again.

In service to the dream,

Laiodheach the Bear
Chemin Noir 

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