[Northkeep] Castellan - what happened?

Jerry Herring jherring68 at gmail.com
Mon May 20 09:21:59 PDT 2013

Greetings unto the mighty Barony of Northkeep, Jewel of the North
Humbly do I beg your time in the reading of these words and the
understanding of what they say. Once more did good folk from far and wide
gather in joyous camaraderie under the guise of Northkeep's hospitality in
a fair event. A place and time called Castellan served up honor and
chivalry with such heaping abandon that no man woman nor child should be
able to say that they did not have their fill of it. Glory was seen, heard,
and hard earned in the gentle company of friends and family alike. Revelry
exuded in abundance followed by feasting fit for the mightiness of kings. I
tell you this weekend upon the fields of Camp Will Rogers in the sun and
rain, and the oppression of humidity and the cooling embrace of gentle
breezes that the middle-ages came alive to the sounds of wheezing billows
and hammered iron, it was revived by the singing of children, and the ring
od weapon upon armor. The idea that all activities should be centrally
located around the newly built fort served such a wonderful backdrop. Much
thanks for the efforts of HL Robert and HE Therese, and to the cooking
skills of Lord Brendon Talbot and all those whose now go unnamed for their
efforts which went into the crafting of this awesome event. For all there
was to do and see it was a place that served well the best dishes for the
heart and soul; a beautiful event sight, good friends, fine food, and a
merry laid back atmosphere.  I might be telling those who could not attend
to hold themselves cheapened but I can not in good conscious lessen the
quality of this Castellan with such a base comment. All that should be said
to any that could not attend please know that in all there was which was
awesome you were missed.

But..what follows needs to be known...Who is it that when his fellows are
in peril under threat of eminent personal danger turns and charges head
first ready to their aid? Who is it that is both steady of hand and with
thoughts gathered springs to the rescue? I tell you it is a true hero...let
men speak of bravery in stories and let legends tell tales of deeds. When
you stand in witness of men who take such actions you know the face of
bravery, you know the true heart of heroism, and you must recognize it.
What I write now is done so that others may know what my own eyes
witnessed. At noon on Sunday as the Castellan event was closing and the
last attendees were leaving. An RV making its way from the camping area
onto the road burst out a billowing cloud of white smoke, stalled, and
stopped just in the tree shrouded lane behind the main hall. The smoke
instantly changed from white to greasy black and in that moment a man,
woman, and children fled from their rolling home. The man in haste pulled
open the front panels of the RV where flames could be seen fueled by the
gust of fresh air the situation was grim...the cries of "FIRE, FIRE" were
heard over the wailing of children. There in the smoke and the flame and
chaos came two men each bearing an extinguisher that they had retrieved
upon first sign of the smoke...these men waded into the billowing black and
hazarded their own peril for that of others. The gas and propane in the
vehicle could have ignited at any time yet there they were battling the
fire. In the spray of the cloud of extinguishers only shapes could be seen
and the flames, you could still see the licking flames till they were
quelled and guttered out. It was no soldier, nor police office, no fireman,
nor EMT, no everyday sort of heroes you might recognize who answered the
call and saved both home and lives there in the hot Oklahoma sun, it was
His Excellency Don Timothy and His Excellency Facon. Though they would not
claim any glory of these acts for themselves, they only did what needed to
be done, can you not say that is the very nature of heroism? I am so
honored to know these two men and so very humbled to share with you this
truthful tale of their deeds so to each of you who meets these men know
that you are looking upon true heroes.

Most Kindly
Ian Dun Gillan
Baron of the Court of Ansteorra

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