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I've been trying to follow what is planned; but my memory has been
having issues.  What is the date and location for this event?

On 5/24/13, Rebecca Minton <rebeccaj_bragg at yahoo.com> wrote:
> T-minus 22 days until Investiture. We'll get the official announcement of
> the Crown's decision in a matter of hours. We can make personal adjustments
> then, but for the moment, here's where we stand and what I have so far:
> Feast: The tentative menu from Ceara
> "1st course: Bread, Flavored butters, Cheese, Spiced pears
> 2nd course: Cheesy meatballs, Potato cakes, Green beans
> 3rd course: Alloes of beef, Minestra di carote, Cinnamon rice
> 4th course: Celtic Shortbread, Strawberry soup, Pudding pie
> Lunch: Meat (probably summer sausage type), cheese, some sort of bread or
> roll, some fruit, and probably cookies all tied up in a square of fabric so
> they can take it and go. Perfect for a non-sitting lunch."
> It may change slightly depending what she finds on sale. No, I don't know
> the exact details on each dish, or even exactly what some of them are, but
> she's an awesome and highly experienced, feastocrat and I totally trust her.
> A lot of you may know her, she's the redhead who did the lampwork/beadmaking
> class at WinterKingdom. She has asked for about 5 people to be kitchen
> staff. Sophie has graciously agreed to be Kitchen Liaison, so if you're
> interested in helping prepare feast, please contact her. She will be the go
> to person for the kitchen and the feastocrat. She is also working on feast
> tokens, and could probably use a volunteer or 2 to help out with those as
> well. So please jump in there and help us out.
> Franziska will be our decoration coordinator. I will find out from the site
> how soon we can go in on Friday to get started with set up, and let everyone
> know. I know we can for sure have the site by 5pm, but if we can have access
> to it earlier then we can get a jump on it, and get more sleep the night
> before the big day.
> Thorvald has agreed to plan the fighting and martial activities. It's a very
> laid back event and a day of relaxation, so we won't have any formal
> tournaments, but personal challenges should be a lot of fun, and maybe some
> "Bottle Jousting." I have the equipment for that and will bring it. He may
> need some help setting up the field so volunteers there would be
> appreciated.
> There will be an A&S blitz challenge with about 12 stations, documentation,
> and supplies. Teams of participants will have a set amount of time at each
> station to follow the documentation and make/do what it says with what's
> provided. I saw  this on another group's website and it sounds great, so we
> thought we'd try it here. There is also a track for kids. The person
> handling this has already left for Steppes, so I will post the details later
> upon their return.
> The site token molds have arrived and Ainar has them. I leave it to his
> expertise as to how much assistance he may need when he's ready to make
> them. He'll let us know when he's ready. He has fire and knows how to use
> it, so we don't want to get in his way.
> Angus Gunn has agreed to be the Brute Crew leader. He will need people to
> help with things like Hanging/removing banners and decorations, Setting
> up/breaking down the thrones, Moving tables or such, Help carry stuff in for
> the royals, barons(esses), feastocrat, etc. Will also need some members to
> be runners for various things that arise (taking a glass of water to her
> Majesty, running extra pens to troll or a fire extinguisher to the
> feastocrat. etc) . Brute crew will need to be on site before and after hours
> for setup and breakdown. Please contact Angus G. if you are available and
> able to be brutish..
> These are the positions I still need volunteers for:
> Sheriff: I'm not sure if that's what this officer is called here or not.
> Basically someone who can Post the signs directing members to the
> site, Place butt cans outside,
> Coordinate with Brute crew to set up/breakdown wash station outside feast
> hall, and to block off unused areas of the site, Minor site security –
> examples  - asking people not to smoke in non-smoking areas, please
> climb down from there, please wrangle your child, etc., and Coordinate with
> Nastycrat about trash collection and removal. That kind of thing. Please let
> me know if you'd like to do this.
> Nastycrat: I'm pretty sure this is SCA universal, but just in case it's
> not..The nastycrat is the one who would Keep bathrooms stocked with
> handsoap, toilet paper, and paper towels, Coordinate with Brute crew to set
> up washing station outside feast hall where members can wash their feast
> gear outside and not in the bathrooms/kitchen. Keep the wash station stocked
> with Soap, and clean water. Coordinate with Sheriff and Brute crew about
> trash collection and removal, and butt cans.
> Publicist: Coordinate with autocrat and seneschal about writing site
> booklets, Printing booklets and signs (keep out of kitchen, restricted area,
> A&S room, Baronial room, prop room, zombie closet, etc)  or arranging to
> have them printed. Posting event flyers to local lists, cross-posting as
> necessary. I'm only on this one list and still so new to the kingdom that I
> don't know how site booklets are typically done here so I need to delegate
> that to someone who does. Somebody who is eloquent and well connected would
> be great for this job.
> Head Troll: I don't know if troll is automatically the Reeve's department
> here or not. In GA, event officers are most often completely different from
> group officers, I make no assumptions here and if Judy has this part
> handled, then that's great. However, I don't want to dump it in her lap
> without asking her. Either way, the head troll will need volunteers to help
> out. Since it's a one day, I don't know how many people we will need or how
> many "shifts" per say, but I'm guessing about 3-4ish.
> Waterbearers: Not necessarily waterbearing on the field like we're used to,
> but someone who can keep the coolers stocked for the people outside, take
> drinks and such to the stationary staff like troll, and take lunch to their
> majesties and our 2 sets of Baronets.
> Hall Steward: This gentle would essentially be one running the main hall.
> They would assemble a team of feast servers, whatever entertainment is
> planned during feast, and possibly set out a few period(ish) games on some
> of the tables. (If anyone has things like a 9 man morris board, or would
> like to play period card or table top games, please feel free to bring
> them). The hall steward would coordinate with the brute crew when it's time
> to arrange the tables for feast, etc.
> Site heralds: This should be self explanatory. Need about 3-4 people with
> good lungs.
> Royal Liaison: Someone to work with their majesties and take care of  their
> minor needs, and to communicate greater needs to the appropriate staff
> member.
> I am also in need of some minstrels or musicians. If you know of anyone or
> have SERIOUS suggestions, please let me know.
> Here are some things I am NOT planning on doing:
> Merchanting. This is meant to be a laid back event for everyone, and a lot
> of times merchants never get to participate in the event because they have
> to man their booths. Lets not worry with booths, tables, tax verifications,
> and such. Let's just have a good time. Yes, I have authorized the bake sale,
> but as I understand it, that's a fundraiser for the barony.
> Additional fundraisers. The bake sale is fine, and it always does well. You
> may have noticed the lunch menu above. Lunch is included with the troll fee.
> It was part of the original bid and budget, the feastocrat is putting it
> together, and site/feast prices were adjusted accordingly. We are not
> planning a formal sit down lunch, so she prepared something easily portable
> that can be eaten at a table, outside, or anywhere food is allowed.
> All day children's activities. I am not asking anyone to spend all day with
> the children or running a track of children's classes. There is a children's
> track of the A&S blitz, but parental supervision may be required at the
> discretion of the gentle running it.
> I will be on site until their own cleaning crew arrives to ensure that
> everything is clean to their standards, and that we prevent and
> misunderstandings about the state of the building. Basically, I'll go room
> to room with them to make sure our reports are the same.
> This is a hugely long post, so if you would like to reply to it, please trim
> the post by cutting out all previous text below your reply. This will help
> avoid confusion and make it easier to read.
>    Thanks A Million!!!
>       Rebecca
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