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> I shall serve feast.
> Ulrich
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> Okay, we still have a few areas that need volunteers. In the previous
> post, we covered troll and that list is full and ready to go. Here's what
> we need:
> Kitchen staff - Due to some rearranging, Sophie will be coordinating the
> A&S blitz, and I am recruiting kitchen staff. From replies to previous
> posts, Arthur and Stephanie have volunteered for kitchen duty, but we still
> need 3 more volunteers to help prepare feast. Please Please Please
> volunteer for this, especially if you are experienced in the kitchen.
> Please contact me if you help out here.
> Brute Crew: Angus Gunn is heading up the BC, and he is recruiting for that
> team. Please let him know if you would be available for that. Ayla and
> Zhava have volunteered, and at last night's meeting, Facon, Morgan, and
> Geoffrey signed up to help as well.  Saturday, Facon and Morgan will be
> otherwise engaged, so we will still need a few more volunteers for BC. I'm
> not sure how many other volunteers may have coordinated directly with
> Angus, so please contact him if you are able to help with this department.
> Feast Servers: HE Gweneth will be our Hall Steward and is recruiting feast
> servers. She will need 14. So far, we have one volunteer, which is Megan.
> Please post here or contact her directly. We still need 13 more servers.
> Sheriff: In my earlier post, I asked for a Sheriff for the event. I now
> understand that the duties described for that position are usually
> fulfilled by the Baronial Guard(s), and I will coordinate those activities
> with them.
> Royal Liaision: Adalia has offered to be the Royal liaison.
> Martial activities: Thorvald is heading up all things Heavy related, and
> last night Karl offered to coordinate some Light activities. I will bring
> the bottle jousting stuff, and the rules of how to play. (Bottle jousting
> isn't technically classified as Martial, but it's and outside activity, and
> so made sense to list it here.) There aren't any structured tourneys
> planned, and it's meant to be more about the fun of the fight rather than
> champions.
> A&S: Sophie has agreed to coordinate the blitz. As it will be spread
> across 3 rooms and one outdoor tent, I am asking for at least 1 volunteer
> to help her. Also, if anyone has egg timers, stop watches, or quick
> countdown timers that can be set to ding after 45 minutes, which we could
> borrow that would be great. We will need about 12. Please let me know if
> you can lend these, and I will make sure they are returned to their owners
> afterward. The blitz is a friendly challenge, and not a formal competition.
> Station sponsors will casually choose the winner for their own station
> based on their own criteria, and the group with the most station wins will
> be the overall winner. There's no formal judging, and no prizes other than
> bragging rights. Its meant to be fun, and open to all levels of expertise.
> Again, we need one more person to help with the blitz, and it would also be
> well suited for someone with limited mobility as it's all locally contained.
> Nastycrat: At the time of writing, we still do not have a nastycrat. There
> really shouldn't be anything all that nasty, and I doubt that there will be
> very many (if any) potties that have to be unclogged. Basically it's just a
> bathroom and washstation supplies stockperson. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me
> know if you can volunteer for this.
> Okay, that's all I have for this post... Moving to section 3.
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