[Northkeep] Investiture bake sale

angelmunkee1982 at yahoo.com angelmunkee1982 at yahoo.com
Sat May 25 06:20:56 PDT 2013

<br/>I am planning on a bake sale, I have a few confirmations on donations!!!! I'm making cookies. If you want to donate just let me know!! Portable stuff does the best and individually wrapped would be great! I always have a bunch of fun doing this, and this time will be no exception.  Also, Duncan and I should be able to come help set up Friday and can bring out vacuum Saturday to help clean up, just let us know :) <br/>Lavina<br/><br/>PS: How do I get in touch with the feastocrat....I have food allergies, and want to know if I have to avoid any delicious food :)<br/><br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone

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