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For those going to BAM


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This just in!...BAM Chiv booklets are available for printing on the
Bordermarch website here: http://bordermarch.org/BAM/BAMChiv.html... the
printer-friendly (pdf) version is at the top of the page underlined and
highlighted in blue...Some reminders and/or notices: 1.) The siege engine
wording at the bottom of the page is from previous years...the redaction
for each scenario using siege weapons are in the proper scenario
descriptions...The website will be updated to reflect this shortly... 2.)
Households, units, and individuals please print these out yourselves as
there will likely not be Chiv booklets available (or in VERY limited
supply) at gate or BAM as we are trying to curb cost overhead... 3.) Combat
Archers please bring LOTS, and I mean LOTS, of ammo...Shieldmen & women
need bring out the big warboards...Spearmen & women need bring out the BIG
Shieldmen... 4.) This is a Gulf War practice so we play by Gulf War
rules...This is the standard unless I am otherwise trumped
 by Royal decree...I cannot wait to see your bright shiny helms again this
year...Lets be safe & play safe...Likewise, you have all been warned about
our "fighting in the shade" (of the arrows)  so no grousing...YIS, Ld
Biau-douz de la Mere, Bordermarch Chivalric Champion & BAM MIC

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