[Northkeep] OT & Mundane eep! Ebay Money Opportunity

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 14:38:48 PDT 2013

Good Good day everyone,

A long time ago in a land not to far away, I helped a friend organize many
things. Some of these things I have and did agree to try to sell on ebay or
online etc.

Regretfully and Heavily upon my heart, I have not been able to do this deed.
My friend has said it would be wonderful if I could find someone else to do
the ebay thing with the stuff and get a percentage of the sales for the
items sold.

If you are interested in making some money by selling things on ebey,
please contact me, offlist, via email or 918.781.9652.

You and I can work out the ebay account and paypal and that'll be easy.

Much Gratitude,
Pukhta Pooky Lovtsevich

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